Two Tales, One Story. – Dr Prince Awuzie

My perception of Nigeria and her current cross roads can be conveyed in two scenarios-  The Tale of Two Fathers and the Journey of a Billion Naira from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

A Tale of two fathers:

Two fathers received a small bag of rice. The first father called his ‘friends’ to a party with the main goal of sharing and enjoying the seed, leaving the young family hungry while the second father chased away ‘friends’ in order to preserve the seed. He then gave his children some of the seed to eat but planted the remaining in their family farm.
Note the following points:

1) Every good farmer must divide his seed -Plant some and consume the remainder.

2) Every good farmer must ‘PTP’- Plant, Tend and Protect his seed from pests and diseases until harvest time.

3) Every good farmer must harvest and store his grain in a safe place.

4) Every good farmer must set aside seed for the next level of planting.

Summarily, I can boldly state that Buhari is the good farmer protecting the few seed sown on behalf of all Nigerians.

The Journey of a Billion naira from the CBN:

A billion naira is released from the CBN and we have two choices- it is either channeled through a corrupt politician who immediately lavishes it on cronies, entertainment, expensive cars, luxury homes, and exotic travel; interestingly, there is an immediate injection of cash into the economy benefiting estate agents, building material traders and artisans and so the people rejoice. Stomach infrastructure is serviced once again however the impact is extremely short-lived and akin to feeding from hand to mouth.

On the other hand we have Buhari who stops the money flowing to corrupt people and channels the flow directly towards the development of real infrastructure. Expectedly, the economy does not feel the impact of the investment immediately. However in the long term, the common man is an equal beneficiary of the Billion naira from the CBN as roads are built, students study better with supported feeding programmes, better health infrastructure and so forth.
The later scenario is why Nigerians cried out. The groan of temporary hardship or sacrifice is difficult. Even though the gains are long-lasting!

Instant gratification and stomach infrastructure will never bring Nigeria to the land of her dreams. We must vote to preserve the little future we have left. We must use the little seed left to establish a perennial farmstead.

Finally, I will point out that I believe President Buhari will yet unite the common man in Nigeria with a great future but in between that time and the other, there will be a period of sacrifice (which Nigerians who claim to be religious will understand). Rest assured that persons like myself have pledged to speak out against any perceived injustices in Buhari’s next four years. Only let us not return to our past, onwards and forwards with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dr. Prince Awuzie is a Consultant Psychiatrist living and working in the diaspora.